CityCircles aims to build community along light rail via technology

[Source: Adam Klawonn and Aleksandra Chojnacka] — This past December, Phoenix debuted a new light rail system which has changed the physical and social landscape of the city.  We believe this will create an entirely new culture of city residents who use mass transit and mobile devices to interact with the city.  To accommodate them, CityCircles will use print, web and mobile technology to cater to these new commuters, offering news, events, promotions, and social networking features on a stop-by-stop basis so that they can interact with the city on a more meaningful level.

The idea developed in a digital media entrepreneurship class at Arizona State University and now here we are almost a year later and finally getting it off the ground thanks to funding we’ve received through the Knight Foundation’s News Challenge.  Originally, the site was to be called Daily Phoenix.  However, after many hours of brainstorming we settled on the name CityCircles, which we feel is a much better fit for the project’s function (building content around light rail stops – get it?) and its scope (the rail also travels through Tempe and Mesa).  CityCircles is scheduled to launch in October 2009.  We will be posting our progress, related news, and information about upcoming events at this website.

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