Coordination of Planning (2004)

The Downtown Voices Coalition conference was convened to consider long-term, sustainable policies critical to healthy downtown expansion and regional growth.  By their presence at the Downtown Voices Coalition conference, a unique and diverse group of over 90 people stated their keen interest in downtown development and their desire to participate in the planning process from the ground up.  Many of the participants, community leaders in their own right, and movers and shakers in their areas of interest, bring a much needed passion, creativity and informed vision to the planning process.

Attendees were aware that downtown development is a complex process, one that goes beyond the mere transformation of vacant land and underutilized properties into public space, a downtown university campus or new retail.   They also understood, often first-hand, the effect those changes will have on long time residents, business owners, and nearby neighborhoods.

References cited:

  • de Uriarte, Richard, “What Phoenix Can Learn,” The Arizona Republic (Phoenix) June 20, 2004, A26.
  • Suarez, Ray, “The Old Neighborhood: What We Lost in the Great Suburban Migration, 1966-1999.” The Free Press (New York), 1999, p. 241.

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