Public Spaces

Description: Public spaces and places should reflect different characteristics suited to community needs. Downtown needs pocket parks, slices of nature, urban trails, community gardens and recreational spaces for all ages.  Create a standard by which downtown developers and small businesses will include open, public spaces in their projects.  Support implementation of Urban Form Project.  Encourage businesses, organizations, and homeowners to use empty and underutilized spaces to create a vibrant streetscape.  Encourage the City budget process to reallocate funding for maintenance of parks and open spaces.  Encourage partnerships with neighborhoods, organizations, and private entities to maintain parks and provide programming, which will increase loyalty and pride.

Top Three Challenges

  1. Nonexistent Parks & Recreation maintenance budget
  2. Lack of programming and vibrancy in parks and open spaces
  3. Low knowledge and use of parks by community

Possible Solutions

  • Implement Urban Form Project recommendations
  • Encourage partnerships with neighborhoods, organizations and private entities to maintain parks and provide programming suited to the community
  • Work with those who are near empty and underutilized parcels to improve the streetscape
  • Require new development to detail its proposed maintenance and use of public spaces
  • Increase the multiplicity of transportation and access to parks and open spaces

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Review 2004 Public Spaces background information

Review 2004 Public Spaces challenges and solutions (including 2010 analysis of progress)

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