Description: Little progress has been made with respect to neighborhoods in the past five years.  Neighborhoods are a fundamental building block for active community and civic life.  Much work needs to be done to create citizen driven, entrepreneurial solutions that aren’t constrained by scarce municipal resources and challenging systems.

Top Three Challenges

  1. Lack of communication in or about downtown
  2. City of Phoenix structure, ordinances, council districts, police, etc.
  3. Vacant land (zero use, code enforcement, blight, crime)

Possible Solutions

  • Facilitate development in an orderly manner that includes considerations of interested stakeholders (e.g., residents, businesses, and all other parties)
  • Define downtown geographic area and subareas
  • Revise tax structure for vacant lands (prevent new problem)
  • Promote interim land use (the City needs to lead the way)
  • Address tax concerns for residents as development concerns
  • Educate the community on the downtown areas and that “this is your downtown too”

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Review 2004 Neighborhoods background information

Review 2004 Neighborhoods challenges and solutions (including 2010 analysis of progress)

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