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Phoenix’s Central Avenue is central in light rail contractor’s lawsuit


Central & McDowell light rail stop (Photo credit: Frontdoor.com)

[Source: East Valley Tribune/Associated Press] — A contracting firm that built part of the light-rail line for the Phoenix metropolitan area has sued the region’s mass transit agency over breach of contract and is seeking at least $19 million in damages. Missouri-based Herzog Contracting Corp. alleges in a 10-count complaint filed in Maricopa County Superior Court that Valley Metro failed to properly disclose where the utilities were before work crews started digging.

Herzog built three miles of the light rail along Phoenix’s Central Avenue and the street work was a source of frustration for many merchants, who complained that it seemed to drag on endlessly.  Herzog alleges it found “hundreds of unidentified, misidentified or mislocated” underground utilities and within a year of starting work on the $55 million contract, the firm warned the work would take an extra year.  Metro issued a statement saying “the case is complex and will take some time to resolve.” [Note” To read the full article, click here.]