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Downtown Phoenix affordable housing project completed with stimulus funds

[Source: Arizona Guardian] — On Tuesday, September 15, Governor Jan Brewer and U.S. Housing and Urban Development Deputy Secretary Ron Sims visited the construction site of Catherine Arms, a low income housing project being built at 315 W. Fillmore Ave. with the help of federal stimulus funds.  “The Arizona Department of Housing has identified this project as a very worthwhile program that will provide assistance to extremely needy victims of domestic and substance abuse,” said Governor Brewer.  “Catherine Arms is one of many projects receiving assistance in the State of Arizona, providing much needed housing for working families.”

Native American Connections began rehabilitating the Catherine Arms multifamily rental project when construction stalled due to the current economic situation.  Through the federal Tax Credit Assistance Program (TCAP), established as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), the Arizona Department of Housing was able to provide additional monies to fill a funding gap, saving jobs that would have been lost and allowing construction to continue on the project.  When complete, Catherine Arms will consist of 28 one-bedroom rental units, five of which will be reserved for victims of domestic violence and/or chronic substance abuse.  The amount of funding allocated to this project from TCAP is approximately $500,000.

It’s Arizona Restaurant Week… Let’s eat!


Bill Johnson's neon sign (Photo credit: Kathie Moffett)

So as they exclaim at Bill Johnson’s Big Apple… “Let’s eat!”  Yep, it’s Arizona Restaurant Week, and we encourage you to take family, friends, and associates out and about as many times as you can (whether in central Phoenix or not). Here is Local First Arizona’s statewide dining guide and downloadable Small Wonders brochure (one for Phoenix and one for Tempe).

For those of you of legal drinking age there are alcoholic beverages named after our fair city (or the bird) — the Phoenix and Phoenix Paradise — along with one named after the 48th State, which would be, you guessed it, Arizona.   Then for one and all, there’s AriZona Iced Tea (founded in Brooklyn, NY… go figure).

If you know of other Phoenix or Arizona named food-related things, feel free to leave a comment!

Issues and challenges facing Phoenix’s next City Manager

From Bob Murray & Associates, the official executive search firm in charge of collecting candidates to replace Frank Fairbanks, here are the highlighted issues, challenges, and opportunities facing the new Phoenix City Manager:

“The severe recession that began in 2007 has had a significant impact on the City of Phoenix.  The FY 2009/10 General Fund budget shortfall of $269.7 million has been met by service and program reductions of $156 million.  Another $113.7 million in savings was realized by shifting some pay as you go capital investments to lease purchase.  The decline in sales tax revenue, which began in the fall of 2007, has had the greatest impact of the financial resources available to the City of Phoenix. Authorized positions have been reduced by a total of 1,073.

In the long term, the City Council is concerned about the City’s future revenue base and how that can be balanced among different revenue sources more effectively.  The City Council realizes the need for a broader local economy in the City. Economic Development will play a key role in the diversification of the economy.

Infrastructure needs from transportation to water supply will continue to demand the attention of the City.  Developing a long term strategy to insure the integrity of the City as it grows will be key to the future of Phoenix.

Phoenix recognizes that is has grown in its diversity and will continue to do so.  As a City it has embraced its differences and has encouraged working as a team to reach its greatest potential.”

Interested in applying?  Click here.