Lucky Strike Lanes to bowl into downtown Phoenix

What to expect at Lucky Strike (Photo source: Lucky Strike Lanes)

[Source: MetroMix, Arizona Republic] — The “swanky” bowling destination Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge is moving into downtown Phoenix’s CityScape development, announced RED Development LLC, the company behind the project.  Known for its signature cocktails and celebrity guests, the alley is set to open in the spring of 2010, which is when many of the restaurants, bars, and shops in the $900 million space are scheduled to open.  Eventually, a grocery store, hotel, offices and a pharmacy will open in the mixed-used development, stretching from First Avenue to Second Street and from Washington to Jefferson streets.

The Phoenix location will be 18,000 square feet, with 12 lanes, four of which will be in the Luxe Lanes bar, and it will have a VIP area.  In more than 20 cities, the 5-year-old chain has brought an element of “red-carpet panache” to a traditionally blue-collar pastime, as celebrities in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami have “flocked” to the Lucky Strikes in those cities.  [Note: Read the full article at Lucky Strike Lanes to bowl into downtown Phoenix.]

One thought on “Lucky Strike Lanes to bowl into downtown Phoenix”

  1. That’s pretty awesome – this will be one of the first activities in downtown Phoenix that doesn’t require advanced planning and time-scheduling, ie theater, movies, concerts, sporting events.

    This is what downtown needs more of…. impulse-based activities. I think a GameWorks would be great as well – there’s just got to be more to do than drink and shop.

    While we’re at it… if there’s anything you can do to help support the Clarendon, we’re in need of more room bookings. We are ending the worst hotel season since 1981, and could definitely host more guests at The Clarendon, so send em down! ;-)


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