Green school to be built in downtown Phoenix

[Source: Sadie Jo Smokey, Arizona Republic] — This spring, two sustainable buildings will replace outdated portables at the Rio Salado Adult Learning Center, 619 N. Seventh Ave.  The green schoolhouses will anchor the Green Phoenix Learning Center facility just west of downtown Phoenix.

The 3,000- square-foot multipurpose buildings are designed, engineered, and built using sustainable products and materials.  Built in one week, they offer space for charter school classes, after school programs and community meetings.  Each $900,000 schoolhouse is funded by sponsorships with cash or in-kind donations.  The Green Schoolhouse Series is a program of Brighten A Life, a non-profit organization in Scottsdale.  Rio Salado College is developing curriculum in renewable energy, construction/building, alt-fuel transportation, and environmental services for students of all ages.

One thought on “Green school to be built in downtown Phoenix”

  1. Rio’s Green Schoolhouse Series is an amazing joint venture, mixing the best of community development, social responsibility, sustainability, and green education… talk about mixing it up the right way!

    I’m very impressed with the model that Cause and Effect Evolution and Brighten A Life have created with Rio Salado College and the City of Phoenix… it definitely kicks “barn raising” up a triple notch!

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