Fade to black: The streets of downtown Phoenix

[Source: Dan Neligh, The Downtown Devil] — Once the sun starts to disappear in downtown Phoenix, so do the people.

One thought on “Fade to black: The streets of downtown Phoenix”

  1. As a sophomore student at the ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus I can vouch for this post and say that it is true. Once the night comes around there is not a whole lot happening on the streets of downtown. Even so I am still optimistic about the future and the future of our campus. The opening of the cityscape development is an exciting one for many of us students who live in downtown. All the new shops and restaurants and entertainment give us a ray of hope for a future downtown that is more lively and has more to do for not just us ASU students but for everyone. Downtown Phoenix and our Downtown campus are changing and evolving everyday for the better and I look forward to the future when life will exist on the streets of downtown not just Monday-Friday 9-5 but twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

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