Downtown Phoenix sightseeing after the Patriot Forum

Shawn (aka GodGunsGutsGlory4G) takes his family on a stroll and drive around downtown Phoenix after leaving the Patriot Forum at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Posted on October 21, 2009, in Downtown Vitality and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. This is a nice video of downtown Phoenix but the commentary…. how sad. The RightFringe at the Patriot Forum has poor “GodGunsGutsGlory4G” convinced that it’s illegal to take pictures of buildings.

    HUH?!?! It’s not illegal to take pictures of buildings. Use your brain! Tourists take pictures & video of downtown Phoenix buildings ALL the time. Personally, I do it quite frequently myself, right here in Phoenix. Nobody’s ever arrested me, reported me, or even questioned me. Come to think of it, “GodGunsGutsGlory4G” took 9 minutes of video, and nobody arrested him.

    THINK before you believe what the fringe on EITHER side of the political divide is peddling.

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