Daily Archives: October 5, 2009

Downtown Phoenix children’s museum celebrates 1st year

In this know99 video segment, learn about the first year of operation of the Children’s Museum of Phoenix located at 7th Street and Van Buren in the historic Monroe School.

Federal grants to fund major downtown Phoenix cancer study, other projects

[Source: Ken Alltucker, Arizona Republic] — A downtown Phoenix laboratory will claim a share of $275 million in federal research grants that will drive a massive study of the genetic roots of cancer.  The International Genomics Consortium, at the Phoenix Biomedical Campus, said the cancer-research project called the Cancer Genome Atlas will allow the biomedical research lab to more than triple its workforce of 45 employees.

Lab managers still do not know how much money they will get, but the scope of the project could require IGC to add more than 100 high-paying jobs such as scientists and lab technicians to downtown Phoenix.  “It’s a remarkable award for Arizona,” said Robert Penny, IGC’s chief operating officer.  “This is a big honor for us to be part of this bold initiative.”

Although the Atlas project could be the largest new science project for Arizona, research labs across the state will be buzzing with activity due to a new batch of federal stimulus grants.  Arizona scientists secured 101 research grants that are collectively worth more than $33 million, a Republic analysis of National Institutes of Health records shows.  The grants are part of a $5 billion infusion of stimulus funds announced last week by President Barack Obama.  [Note: Read the full article at Federal grants to fund major downtown Phoenix cancer study, other projects.]

Arizona ties for 6th most desired state to live in

[Source: Phoenix Business Journal] — Arizona tied with North Carolina and Washington as the sixth most desired state to live in, according to a new poll.  U.S. residents were asked where they would choose to live if they did not live in the states where they are now by the Harris Poll, by Harris Interactive.

California topped the list, followed by Florida, Hawaii, Texas, and Colorado. Rounding out the top 15 states were: Tennessee, No. 9, Oregon, 10, New York, 11, South Carolina and Massachusetts, tied at 12, Georgia, 14, and Montana, 15.  New York City topped the Harris Poll this year as American’s No. 1 city to live, followed by San Francisco, which tied with Denver at the No. 2 spot, and San Diego was No. 4.  New York City has topped the list every year except once since 1997.  Phoenix was not listed.

“The most popular states and cities where large numbers of people would like to live tend to attract tourists and business,” according to a Harris news release.  “They are places where people like to take vacations and where companies like to have their offices and factories.”  The Harris Interactive poll of 2,498 U.S. adults took place Aug. 10-18.  [Note: Read the full article at Arizona ties for 6th most desired state to live in.]