Daily Archives: October 12, 2009

Train whistles to blow less often in downtown Phoenix

[Source: 3TV] — Those who live near the railroad tracks in downtown Phoenix will finally get some peace and quiet by the end of the month.  Engineers will blow train whistles less often between Third Avenue and Fourth Street.

Developers and homeowners raised a quarter million dollars to help establish the “quiet zones.”  The trains will no longer blast their horns every time they approach a railroad crossing, but to keep everyone safe engineers will honk if they see someone on the tracks.

Downtown Phoenix Journal Weekly Recap

DPJ_artwork_crop[Source: Si Robins, Downtown Phoenix Journal] — During a week when it was proclaimed “Downtown is Ovah!,” it hardly seems so at DPJ.  We’ve discovered the light at the end of the tunnel of the Modified Arts news, and we’re excited to see how it will help further Roosevelt Row’s reputation.  Downtown is ripe with growth and possibility: Just look at the burgeoning hub of boutiques on Garfield and 3rd streets, the nifty creative spaces we have available, and more successes on the way.  This past week we even discovered an urban oasis in the desert, furthering our belief that we too can be urban and garden.  Meanwhile, we have writers singing the praises of Postino and the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, and others that just plain love Downtown Phoenix.  It’s an exciting time to be Downtown.  Join us as your explore your core.

Add the “downtown is ovah” tee shirt to your collection


What’s all this talk about downtown Phoenix being “ovah?”  Read all about it at the Downtown Phoenix Journal blog.