Viewpoint: Support the U.S. Livable Communities Act of 2009 (deadline Oct. 7)

[Source: Teresa Brice, Local Initiatives Service Corp.] — For those of us working in communities across the country to create more equitable and sustainable housing and development solutions, these are exciting times at the national level.  We ask you to help us not miss this opportunity by signing onto a letter of support for S. 1619, The Livable Communities Act.  View and download the letter here.

Earlier this year the Obama Administration announced an interagency partnership by HUD-USDOT-EPA on sustainable communities.  In August, Senator Christopher Dodd introduced legislation (S. 1916, the Livable Communities Act) to formalize this partnership and provide $4 billion in grants to communities to develop and implement livable communities, including undertaking comprehensive regional planning, building affordable housing, transit-oriented development, public transportation, walking and bicycling infrastructure, energy efficiency projects, redevelop brownfields and projects to spur economic development.  This funding is critically needed to help communities, and the nation not just plan but build sustainable solutions to restore our economy, improve social equity, and promote more energy efficient housing and transportation solutions that will lower costs of living for households and put people to work.

Please help us send a loud message to Congress that The Livable Communities Act is important, broadly supported legislation by national, state, and local organizations working on affordable housing, sustainable and equitable development. Please add your voice to the letter of support.  To become a co-signer, contact Annie Finkenbinder at Reconnecting America by e-mail or 202-429-6990, ext. 209 by close of business, Wednesday, October 7.

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