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Meeting Agenda for October 10 Meeting

DVC logo with words on side FINALDVC Steering Committee Meeting Agenda

Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015

Roosevelt Commons

825 N. 6th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85003


APPROVAL OF MINUTES from Sept. 12, 2015



  • Jeffery Sherman
  • Kim Moody


  • Lindsay Kinkade on resolution of ASU signage variance request
  • Sean Sweat on code interpretation at McDowell & Alvarado/5th Ave. (i.e. Alliance’s Broadstone project)


  • Downtown representatives requested to serve on Citizens Transportation Committee
  • DT/DPI survey results delivered to City of Phoenix department directors, and the variation in response between neighbors and City Directors
  • City of Phoenix Alley Committee
  • FAA flight path changes
  • City of Phoenix Tree Ordinance Review Committee
  • 3rd/5th Avenue switch from 1-way to 2-way
  • APS recent outages


  • Containers on Grand news
  • Arizona State Fairgrounds
  • Triangle Neighborhood
  • City of Phoenix RFPs


  • Circle K at 7th St. and Roosevelt (and adjacent electronic billboard)
  • Roosevelt Business Improvement District (BID)


  • Future guest speaker ideas welcomed
  • Collier Center seeks ideas on new restaurant type



Due to conflicts with our participation in the terrific Grand Avenue Festival, we are moving our November meeting to Saturday, Nov. 21. Same time, same place.



Do you want a 35 foot billboard leading into downtown Phoenix?


DVC supports proposed Downtown Entertainment District

Entertainment District

DVC supports Prop 104 Ballot Initiative

Prop 104

DVC Steering Committee Votes to Oppose Proposition 487

Prop 487 DVC

DVC In Conversation With District 4 and 8 Council Candidates

Downtown Voices Coalition, downtown Phoenix’s only grassroots stakeholder group that champions issues of urban excellence, like small and locally owned business, historic preservation, sustainability in a broader perspective, and good government, is hosting a series of one-on-one online conversations with the four remaining candidates for Phoenix City Council. The four candidates will be in conversation with our Edward Jensen, our group’s Secretary as well as an ardent observer in Phoenix politics and governance.

Leading off the conversations will be Laura Pastor, a program director at South Mountain Community College and the daughter of U.S. Congressman Ed Pastor, on Friday, October 4, from 7:00-8:00pm. Justin Johnson, running against Pastor for the District 4 seat, will be in conversation with Jensen on Monday, October 7, also from 7:00-8:00pm. Johnson is a real estate developer and the son of former Phoenix mayor Paul Johnson. Conversations with Kate Gallego and Warren Stewart are being scheduled for the week of October 7.

The conversations will be hosted on DVC’s Google+ page  as a Google+ Hangout On Air, an innovative platform to allow many observers from Phoenix to watch and participate in the conversation. Twitter users can send in their questions and comments using the hashtag #DVC4 and #DVC8 (depending on the district represented). Participants who do not have Google+ can watch on DVC’s YouTube channel, The conversation will then be available on the DVC YouTube channel for watching after the live event has concluded.

“I am pleased to be hosting these one-on-one conversations,” said Jensen. “This is a unique, first-of-its-kind way to engage with the candidates and the questions that will be asked are not the conventional questions asked in debates and fora. It gives the candidates an opportunity to envision that they are in their respective City Council seat and working to accomplish their agenda.”

The questions are focused around the central theme of governance and how the candidates plan to accomplish their policy proposals while they are in office.  The four subthemes are “City Hall and the Next City Manager,” “Governance and Intergovernmental Relations,” “Downtown / Urban Phoenix and Urban Living Infrastructure,” and “Sustainability and the Environment in a Broader Context.” The one-on-one conversation format will allow Jensen to pursue different lines of questioning based on the answers given, allowing for tremendous flexibility. About 15-20 minutes at the end will be reserved for audience questions.

Downtown Voices Coalition is a coalition of stakeholder organizations that embrace growth in downtown Phoenix, but is mindful that healthy growth should be based upon existing downtown resources — the vibrancy of neighborhoods, the strength of the arts community, the uniqueness of historic properties, and the wonderful small businesses that dot downtown. For more information, visit

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Downtown Voices issues statement on Phoenix’s anti-discrimination policy

Pictured here is Downtown Voices Coalition’s statement on the proposed amendment to the City of Phoenix’s anti-discrimination policy. The organization’s position on this matter is in keeping with one of its nine guiding principles – diversity – outlined here:

“Downtown should reflect a sensitivity to the diverse ethnic, socio-economic, and educational backgrounds, along with the variation in age groups and sexual preferences that are an important characteristic of our downtown neighborhoods. Success of downtown redevelopment will embrace this diversity and incorporate it as a dynamic community asset.”

DVC AZ Republic letter re discrimination ordinance 02-16-13 final