Valley Metro raises bus & light rail fares by 50 cents to $1

[Source: Chris Kline, ABC15] — Valley Metro officials have approved a rate hike for bus and train tickets in the Phoenix area.  The hike was approved during a board of directors meeting on Thursday.  The price of a one-way bus/train ticket will go up 50 cents on July 1, from $1.25 to $1.75.  An all-day pass, used by the majority of light-rail riders, will cost $3.50, up from $2.50.

Not since 1994 has Valley Metro increased fares.  A Valley Metro news release states fares are still lower than cities with similar-sized transit agencies.  For example, a 1-Day pass costs $4.75 in Portland, $5.00 in Los Angeles and $5.50 in Salt Lake City.  “Twenty-five percent of our operating costs need to come from the fare box; right now we’re not recovering that,” said Valley Metro’s Susan Tierney during an interview last month. 

Valley Metro ridership figures show on an average weekday, the bus system has 220,000 passenger Metro light rail has nearly 35,300.  Here is the full list of new fares:

One-ride Fare

  • Local bus and light rail: $1.75
  • Express/RAPID: $2.75
  • Reduced: $.85

1-day Pass

  • Local bus (purchased on board): $5.25
  • Local bus and light rail (off board or purchased at a vending machine or transit center): $3.50
  • Express/RAPID (purchased on board): $7.25
  • Express/RAPID (purchased off board): $5.50
  • Reduced (purchased on board): $2.60
  • Reduced (purchase off board): $1.75

31-day Pass

  • Local bus and light rail: $55.00
  • Express/RAPID: $85.00
  • Reduced: $27.50

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