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Phoenix high school education through the years

This know99 video segment recalls the history of the Phoenix Union High School District, serving downtown Phoenix and surrounding neighborhoods.

Down economy causing strain on Arizona’s arts & culture groups

[Source: Maricopa Partnership for Arts & Culture] — Arts and culture in metro Phoenix and all of Arizona is in serious peril.  Already lowest in contributed revenues among a ranking of ten competitor regions, the current economic downturn threatens to severely reduce the capability of arts and culture organizations to provide the public with the current level of quality and quantity of programming.  In the face of this challenge, MPAC is moving swiftly to inform business and community leadership about the immediate importance of supporting this vital piece of the local economy.

MPAC is partnering with the strategic communications firm of FirstStrategic to reach Arizonans with the message that public funding for arts and culture is lacking in our state and is needed to ensure Arizona has a vibrant future and the ability to compete for knowledge workers and industries.

The lack of vibrancy in Metro Phoenix’s arts, culture, and creative cluster impedes the region’s ability to attract and retain workers in the fields of medicine, technology, design, and bioscience, among other high wage sectors.  These workers are critical for knowledge-based businesses to expand their footprint and diversify Arizona’s economy.  Investing in a strong creative cluster has proven to be transformational.  Competitor cities such as Austin, Salt Lake City, and Denver dramatically diversified their economies and regions by making the commitment to invest in arts and culture.

Two brochures are available for download here.  One highlights the role arts and culture plays in attracting knowledge workers and encouraging a diverse economy, the other on the educational impact of arts and culture in the community.

Inward momentum: Residential growth in American center cities

[Source: Steve Davis, Smart Growth Around America] — You’ve probably seen some of the anecdotal evidence in newspaper stories or other outlets recently about how many center cities have experienced a resurgence of residential growth within their borders over the last 10 to 20 years.  Many of us had wondered if there had been any systematic examination of building permit trends to document the anecdotal evidence we’ve all seen and heard about “inward momentum” toward the core in many metro regions. 

But it didn’t appear that anyone had measured the data to see if the facts bear out with the anecdotal evidence.  John Thomas at EPA’s smart growth division picked up the challenge, and EPA just released his results in “Residential Construction Trends in America’s Metropolitan Regions.”  [Note: To read the rest of the blog entry, click here.]

Live view of downtown Phoenix Civic Space; artwork going up

Downtown Phoenix Civic Space, now under construction

Besides ASU’s “dean’s-eye view” of the downtown Phoenix Civic Space and Janet Echelman public artwork, there are two more ways to view progress.  Click here for ASU’s campus tour and click here for the city Parks & Recreation Department’s “Civic Space Cam” (seen at left).

Rosson House-Heritage Square Foundation seeks board members

For the past 30 years, the Board of the Rosson House-Heritage Square Foundation and Guild has overseen and managed the 1895 Rosson House, a fully restored and furnished building of the Queen Anne style, and other historic buildings at Heritage Square, 6th Street and Monroe, in downtown Phoenix.

The board is comprised of 12 individuals, mostly from the Guild, four of whom will rotate off in May 2009.  Board leaders hope to gain new board members who reflect all aspects of the community, among them historic preservation advocates and individuals interested in early Phoenix history.

If you are interested in serving on the board (or any other volunteer opportunity), contact Liz Zveglich, Board President, at 480-538-3381 or Darla Harmon, Executive Director, at 602-261-8063.

Nominations sought for ASU downtown Phoenix campus “Dynamic Devils”

ASU Downtown Phoenix campus student leaders will be publicly recognized for their hard work, honorable activities, social conscience, and overall excellence in an annual recognition event in April.  A Recognition Committee is calling for nominations for the Dynamic Downtown Devils Recognition & Awards to honor outstanding student leaders.  The nomination deadline is 5 p.m. March 16, 2009.  Nominations can be submitted here.

All nominees are affiliated with the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus by meeting at least one of the following criteria:

  • Taking a minimum of 3 credits (graduate or undergraduate)
  • Being enrolled in a Downtown Phoenix campus college
  • Living at Taylor Place residential hall
  • Working at the Downtown Phoenix campus
  • Individual Award Nominees must have a cumulative GPA of 2.75

Award descriptions include Outstanding Student Organization, Outstanding Student Leader, Individual Achievement in Service, Social Consciousness Award, Outstanding Student Employee, Academic Champion, and Trailblazer.  All winners will receive a $100 gift certificate.  The award ceremony will take place at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 15, in the Virginia G. Piper Auditorium, University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix in partnership with ASU, 550 E. Van Buren St., Phoenix.  RSVP by April 10 here if you plan to attend the ceremony.  For more information on the Dynamic Downtown Devils Recognition & Awards, call (480) 0973 or click here.