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Glendale rethinking light-rail path to Phoenix

[Source: Rebekah L. Sanders and Scott Wong, Arizona Republic] — Glendale is pushing to change the route of the first light-rail line planned for the West Valley, seeing greater value in taking the line to the city’s bustling stadium district than its quaint downtown.  But it’s likely an uphill battle, as Phoenix officials say they can’t provide the financial support that Glendale needs from them.

Building the alternative rail route would cost hundreds of millions of dollars more, require months of extra planning and support from other Valley cities.  Backers of the new line argue it would boost regional economic growth and reduce the crush of rush-hour traffic along congested stretches of freeway.  It could also ferry football fans to University of Phoenix Stadium, as well as hockey and baseball fans to nearby games.

Glendale Mayor Elaine Scruggs says Glendale can’t afford to build light rail anywhere in the city alone. So, officials are pitching the route with the most benefit to Phoenix, along Loop 101, in the hope of persuading Phoenix to pay for a part of Glendale’s line.  “I don’t believe we will ever have light rail in Glendale if we go by what’s on the map,” Scruggs said, referring to the current proposed route to her city’s downtown.  “The Loop 101 option is the only one that has a chance of getting any financial support from Phoenix, and we can do nothing without that.”  [Note: To read the full article, click here.]

Parking meter fees go up in downtown Phoenix

In this Cronkite News Service report, parking meters in downtown Phoenix will be expanding their hours and their prices.

Commingled names give metro Phoenix ‘hoods hip ID

[Source: Scott Craven, Arizona Republic] — All fashionable cities have them: those too-cool abbreviations that define neighborhoods based on where they’re located.  There’s Lodo (Lower Downtown) in Denver, Soma (South of Market) in San Francisco, and the most famous, New York’s Tribeca (Triangle Below Canal Street).  It’s time for the Valley to join the urban hip.  First to take the leap: Noca (North of Camelback), a restaurant that gets its name from defining a particular neighborhood in Phoenix.  Here are fun names we came up with to coin other popular areas of the Valley:

  • Lirador (Light-Rail Corridor): Commuter heaven.
  • Camo (Camelback Mountain): A place to live, and a bad fashion choice.
  • Slonomo (Slopes of North Mountain): Life in the fast lane.
  • Unmaco (Unincorporated Maricopa County): The place to live if you love Sheriff Joe.
  • Weva (West Valley): Now it’s cool.
  • Dope (Downtown Tempe): If we didn’t think of it, you would.  Besides, it’s pronounced doh-PEE.
  • Squanoje (Square North of Jefferson): Formerly Copper Square.  Not as lyrical as Tribeca, but vaguely Native American.
  • Cavefree (Cave Creek and Carefree): That bit where the two towns seem to mingle.
  • Lobu (Lower Buckeye): If chef Nobu Fukuda moved in, imagine the possibilities.
  • Corgi (Core of Gilbert): Why does that sound familiar?
  • Sogoo (South of Goodyear): Nothing much there, but it feels “Sogoo” to say.

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