ULI to teach developers how to deal with neighborhoods and politicians

The Urban Land Institute, which bills itself as a non-profit education and research institute that focuses on the use of land in order to enhance the total environment, will hold a December 16 webinar for developers who have to, HORRORS!, deal with neighbors.

The ULI PR flacks lament that “Great plans and projects often collapse in the face of NIMBY opposition and the reluctance of public officials to make controversial or unpopular decisions.”  (Hmmm, maybe if they were indeed “great plans and projects” that respected “the total environment,” community and political support wouldn’t be so hard to gain.)

At the seminar you’ll get “practical how-to knowledge” to put together your own outreach and lobbying plans.  You’ll learn how to assess politicians’ decision-making styles and communications biases; avoid or manage hostile audiences; minimize community resistance; and turn pro-project attitudes into pro-project action. 

For your registration fee of $100 to $165, you’ll learn:

  • The three steps to avoid and manage hostile audiences.
  • The four steps to mobilize overt expressions of public support for your project.
  • How to minimize and manage the four causes of community resistance to land use proporsals (sic).
  • How to develop and implement customized lobbying plans to get the “yes” vote from public officials.

What ULI and developers apparently haven’t learned themselves is “people support what they help to create.”  It didn’t take $100 to $165 for that bit of advice.

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