Daily Archives: December 16, 2008

SpotCrime maps Phoenix illegal happenings

phx-crime[Source: Lifehacker] — Crime-mapping mashup SpotCrime pulls data from city police records and news sources and plots it in an easy-to-snoop fashion. 

Choose a city, a time frame, and the types of offenses you want to see, and you can mouse over the pinned icons to see thumbnail descriptions, or click an item for a full read.  The site claims that humans are working in the background to make sense of the data, and that incidents show up anywhere from 3-24 hours after they’re reported.  A good tool for checking out a potential neighborhood for moving or exploring, or just keeping up on what’s going down across town.

Viewpoint: Slow-growth achievements best route for urban renaissance

[Source: Joel Kotkin, Special to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review] — The current recession provides a new opportunity for Pittsburgh’s elite to feel good about itself.  With other boom economies from Phoenix to Miami on the skids — and other old Rust Belt cities like Detroit, Cleveland, and Buffalo even more down on their luck — the slow-growth achievements of the Pittsburgh region may seem rather impressive.  Yet at the same time, the downturn also poses longer-term challenges for which the local leadership is likely to have no answers.

In large part, Pittsburgh’s “success,” such as it is, has been based on what may be called a “legacy economy,” essentially funded by the residues of its rich entrepreneurial past.  This includes the hospitals, universities, and nonprofits whose endowments have underwritten the expansion of medical services and education, which have emerged as among the region’s few growth sectors.  [Note: To read the full article, read here.]

On Dec. 27 in downtown Phoenix, visit Light Rail Stop #11

Downtown Phoenix drivers to start paying more to park?

[Source: Leslie Aleman, ABC 15] — Phoenix City Council will vote Wednesday on a plan to increase parking meter rates as a way to generate new revenue.  If approved, parking meters in downtown Phoenix would increase to $1.25 an hour, according to city officials.  The proposal would also extend meter parking hours until 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and charge drivers to park on Saturday.  City officials said the changes will generate about $1.3 million each year.