Daily Archives: December 8, 2008

Who needs light rail… when you can JUMP?

Jumper, Brian Shaler Jumping - ShalerJump in  Phoenix, AZ by ACME-Nollmeyer.

First of all, “don’t try this at home!”  It seems that Phoenician Brian Shaler is quite adept at jumping, leaping, whatever you want to call it.  And as shown in Adam Nollmeyer’s photo above, Brian’s doing his thing during a photo shoot in downtown Phoenix (with the historic City/County Building and Maricopa County complex in the background).  Why does Brian do it?  Click here for answers!

Call for Entries: 2009 Mutant Pinata Show at Bragg’s Pie Factory on Grand Ave.


The Mutant Pinata Show 2008 (photo: Becky Stern)

During the months of March and April 2009, Bragg’s Pie Factory will host and exhibit “The Mutant Pinata Show.” This is your chance to enjoy the quaint and historic art of pinata-making.  Work can be for sale (or not).  70% of the sales price goes to the artist; the remainder supports the upkeep of the exhibit space, goes to a non-profit group, or both.  

All submissions must be delivered ready to hang or exhibit in whatever manner it was intended (i.e. with rope, wire, stands, etc.), and must be delivered by March 1 to Bragg’s Pie Factory at 1301 Grand Avenue.  To review and download the entry form, click here.  If you have questions, call Beatrice Moore at 602-391-4016.

Dueling downtown Phoenix logos?

Won’t someone please “deliverance” from dueling “Downtown Phoenix” logos, brands, marks… whatever you want to call them?  It’s NOT happening; it’s X-cruciating!


One under-appreciated asset: Arizona sunsets

Early Dawn Construction by cobalt123.

As local photographer Cobalt123 opines, “One thing we’ve got in Arizona, is some gosh darn pretty skies…”   Click here for Cobalt123’s assortment of skyscapes photographed in the recent past, including the above shot taken in downtown Phoenix.