Free online tool matches metro Phoenix carpoolers

Valley Metro Regional Public Transportation Authority offers a free online tool called “ShareTheRide” to help local residents track how much pollution their commute generates or find a carpool partner.  Using a Web application called RideShark, developed by Commuting Solutions of Ottawa, Canada, the ShareTheRide system incorporates the most current technology and mapping features so individuals can personally manage their commutes, track costs or pollution, and opt in and out of actively looking for carpool partners.  Ultimately, ShareTheRide also will allow users to join a vanpool, map the best bus or light rail route, or find a bike route.

Phoenix is the largest U.S. city to deploy this tool, according to Commuting Solutions.  “We know some people may want to change their commuting habits to save money or help the environment,” says David Boggs, executive director of Valley Metro RPTA.  “By offering a ride-matching and mapping system, those who are on-the-fence or unsure about how to use public transportation may find the assistance they need to try.”

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