Daily Archives: December 21, 2009

Choir teacher suspended after taking students to downtown Phoenix “Hooters”

[Source: eCanada Now] — In Phoenix, Arizona, a Paradise Valley High School choir teacher has been put on paid leave after taking her class to Hooters for lunch.  According to Judi Willis, a spokeswoman for the district school board, Mary Segall took her class to a Hooters resautrant after a performance at Arizona Center last week.  Segall said that Hooters, a restaurant known for hiring women with large breasts, was the only restaurant in the area capable of handling such a large group.

Segall, 23, took 40 students to the controversial restaurant, The Arizona Republic reported.  “We believe that there are many venues for lunch for a large group of people in the downtown Phoenix area,” Willis said.  “There could have been a choice that might have been more appropriate, given that it was a school-day event with a school employee in charge.”

The Hooters website says its restaurants aim to provide “a unique, entertaining dining experience… delivered by attractive, vivacious Hooters Girls.”

Segal traveled to Washington in January with the school’s choir and strings group to perform at one of President Barack Obama’s inaugural events, “History in the Making: A Dream and a Change Inaugural Ball.”