ASU to open downtown Phoenix children’s mental health center

[Source: Kristena Hansen, Phoenix Business Journal] — Arizona State University announced a Nov. 2 opening for a health center that specializes in the treatment and prevention of child and adolescent mental health disorders.  It will be located at the College of Nursing and Health Innovation in downtown Phoenix.

The Southwest Health Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child-Adolescent Depression and Anxiety Disorders is funded in part by a grant from United Healthcare and will be staffed with a team of psychiatric and mental health nurse practioners and psychologists.  The new center will offer comprehensive mental health evaluations, evidence-based treatment, medication management and treatment, family and group therapy, and preventative intervention programs.

“In Arizona, five of 15 counties do not have child psychiatrists to which primary care providers can refer their patients,” said Dean Bernadette Melnyk.  [Note: Read the full article at ASU to open downtown Phoenix children’s mental health center.]

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