Phoenix among top 10 U.S. cities to start a business says “Entrepreneur” magazine

[Source: Phoenix Business Journal] — The August issue of Entrepreneur magazine features its editors’ take on the 10 best cities in which to start a business, and Phoenix makes the grade.  “There’s something that statistics just can’t capture about the entrepreneurial spirit of a town,” Entrepreneur writes in the opening to its feature.  “The do-it-yourself ethic may spring from a ruined economy. In others, small-business booms were carefully engineered by long-term government policies, or developed as a by-product of rapid growth.

“Whatever the case, you’ll know it when you step into an entrepreneurial city: There’s an openness and energy that permeates the whole culture, an infectious enthusiasm throughout the small-business community, and a faith that any problem can be overcome through dedication and smart decisions. Here are 10 cities we think embody the entrepreneurial spirit.”

Phoenix is No. 5 on the list, highlighted as “The Expander,” with notes that the city is a great place for a new business to get started.  The article points to the developing tech sector as a promise for the future.  The magazine also features John Shaffer, founder of Rhino Sports, a local company that creates sports surfaces for various types of play. [Note: Read the full article at Phoenix among top 10 U.S. cities to start a business says “Entrepreneur” magazine.]

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