Phoenix Daily Photo: Downtown Phoenix

Downtown view 1.JPG
Downtown Phoenix looking northeast (Photo source: Blogger Sharon)

Sharing pictures via the Internet is easy, and it’s interesting to see where photographers and videographers, both amateur and professional, focus their lenses. Blogger Sharon snaps photos all around metro Phoenix.  On July 10, she took this shot from an interesting angle in downtown Phoenix.  Her commentary is below:

Here is a view of downtown Phoenix that I snapped from one of the county high-rise building.  The building to the left, with the crown on top is the City Hall building that I featured here.  The older, low building to the right of the photo is the building that houses the Maricopa County Court House and the old city hall. You can also see a number of business high-rise buildings in the mix.  The building under construction to the very far right is part of the [CityScape project] that combines, office space, living space, and retail space in one development.  It is one major development project that continues to progress even in these tight financial times.

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