Phoenix residents encouraged to take a night out on Night Rail, July 31

[Source: Rail Life] — Metro stepped up and extended the hours for light rail, so now it’s our turn to show them it was a great decision!  Introducing Night Rail, July 31.  If you are a fan of the extended light rail hours, a friend of business owners along the line, or just a fan of having fun, join us for Night Rail.  Several groups will be getting together along the line throughout the evening and then meeting at the Roosevelt Station at midnight to show support for the extended hours.  After midnight, we will head to a couple of nearby places before calling it a night.

You can join our friends at “Light Rail Friday Night” who will be meeting at Rula Bula on Mill from 6-9 p.m.  After that, people will meet (10 p.m.) at Monti’s and at Maizie’s, which is just south of the light rail station at Central and Camelback.

Since the new hours are being tested on a trial basis, it is very important for people to be aware of the change and to take advantage of the hours so they don’t go away.  You know, the “Use it or lose it” mentality.  I mentioned in the Use it or Lose it post, “My thought, so far, is to talk with Local First Arizona, Downtown Phoenix Journal, CenPho TV, Mill Avenue District, Kyle Moyer Agency, Downtown Voices Coalition, Radiate Phoenix, local bloggers, and others.”  Turns out, people have stepped up, big time, to help raise awareness and to get people out next weekend, July 31 for “Night Rail.”

Business owners let us know how you want to be involved!  If you have ideas, or if you are a blogger writing about Night Rail, please let me know that as well.  I’ll update this post as I hear of more happenings.  You might also want to follow RailLife, CenPhoTV, No Festival Required, Light Rail Beer, and LocalFirstAZ on Twitter for updates and ideas. Another option is to follow the #NightRail feed for details…  Or, click here for a twtvite.

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