Daily Archives: July 9, 2009

Phoenix homeless seek refuge from heat

[Source: Colton Shone, KTAR Radio] — The warm temperatures are making it extra tough on the Valley’s homeless population.  At the Human Services campus in downtown Phoenix, many people are seeking shelter, but some have to be turned away.  “There’s not endless resources for this sort of thing, especially now that we have a 60 percent increase in the homeless population,” director Arlene Pfeiff-Maraj said.

Pfeiff-Maraj says the shelter expects about 1,000 people Thursday night but can only hold 450.  Another 300 will stay in a nearby warehouse, and the rest will sleep in the parking lot.  [Note: Read full article at Phoenix homeless seek refuge from heat]

“Results we can see.”

IMG00112Hmmm… We’re guessing these aren’t results Councilman Tom Simplot wants to see.  Campaign sign in foreground; midtown Phoenix development project lying fallow in the background.

NEWSFLASH!  Between last night and this morning, the sign has been taken down.

Downtown Phoenix parking rates skyrocket

BossTweedTheBrains[Source: Adam Kress, Phoenix Business Journal] — While they remain among the lowest in the nation, monthly parking rates in Phoenix grew faster this year than in any other major metro area in the country.  A new annual report on parking rates from Colliers International says the median unreserved monthly parking rate in Phoenix is $65.  That’s up 24 percent from last year’s survey, while the national average declined 1 percent.  Two years ago, the average in Phoenix was just $35 a month.

Despite the big jump in Phoenix, the city has the eighth-lowest median unreserved monthly parking rate in the country — on par with Las Vegas; Columbia, S.C.; and Fresno, Calif.  The national average is much higher: nearly $154 a month.  Daily parking rates also rose sharply in Phoenix during the past year, rising more than 12 percent to a median daily price of $9.  That puts the city in a tie for the sixth least expensive parking rate in the country, the Colliers study said.  The national average for daily parking is $16, a rise of 1.15 percent from 2008.

Charles Miscio, senior vice president of Colliers in Phoenix, said the Metro light rail and newly expanded Phoenix Convention Center have helped drive up parking rates.  “With the light rail’s capability of moving more people in and out of downtown, we are beginning to see entertainment venues and businesses shift from the Camelback Corridor and other metro areas to downtown Phoenix to take advantage of light rail traffic,” Miscio said.  “This shift is also driving more auto traffic into downtown, increasing parking garage usage and rates during both the daytime and evening.”  [Note: Read full article at Downtown Phoenix parking rates skyrocket]

Barter for art at Art4Barter, Icehouse, downtown Phoenix, July 11

377[Source: Roosevelt Row CDC] — On Saturday, July 11, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., Art4Barter will be coming to the White Column Room at the Icehouse, 429 W. Jackson St. (historic Warehouse District).  This traveling project allows artists to trade their art for goods and services rather than money.  The exact service or good that the artist requires will be labeled next to their art.

The curator, Antonio Puri, is offering to barter a work of art with institutions that will host the exhibition.  Art4Barter hopes to inspire people to trade with artists, musicians, writers, dancers, and other creative minds and to reconfigure their ideas about the value of different services.  For more information about the event, click here.