Arizona governor releases budget proposal

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has released her FY 2010 budget proposal.  Citing current assessments that show the state’s FY 2010 General Fund budget deficit to be growing and reaching upwards of $4 billion, coupled with the June 30th constitutionally mandated deadline for a balanced budget, Governor Brewer renewed her call for a “truly balanced budget.”

“Arizona’s growing fiscal crisis stands to inflict a devastating impact on our state,” Governor Brewer stated.  “We have a non-negotiable duty to adopt a budget that simultaneously addresses our current fiscal situation, our future economy, based on realistic projections, the immediate needs of our least fortunate adults and children during this grave economic time, and our stewardship role on behalf of future generations of Arizonans.”  To view Governor Brewer’s FY 2010 budget proposal, click here.

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