Viewpoint: What’s a motto with those folks up in Phoenix?

[Source: Anne T. Denogean, Tucson Citizen] — Phoenix: “Arizona’s urban heart.”  That, my friends, is Phoenix’s new marketing slogan, its desired image or branding, if you will.  The Downtown Phoenix Partnership actually paid some marketing firm $160,000 to come up with it.  I’d say that was a lunch hour well spent.  For the marketing firm.  Not so much for Phoenix.

What does it even mean?  If Phoenix is the heart, does that make Tucson the groin and Yuma the armpit of Arizona?  And does the slogan make anyone want to visit or stay in Phoenix?

It’s supposed to be “aspirational,” according to the downtown partnership. Aspirational of what?  When I think “urban,” I think traffic, pollution, and crime.  Does Phoenix want to be known as the Detroit of Arizona?  I don’t get it.  But this is something that cities do.  [Note: To read the full opinion piece, click here.]

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