Welcome to light rail. I am your fare machine.

Valley Metro light rail fare machine (Photo: Dave Seibert, Arizona Republic)

[Source: Arizona Republic] — A new era in public transportation is starting when Metro light rail launches Dec. 27.  Many who may not be used to buying fares are expected to ride the trains. For those who are not used to using public transportation, here are some basics:

  • At each light-rail station there is a fare machine where you can purchase a pass.
  • You will be given a choice of what kind of pass you want to buy: 1 ride, 1-day pass, 7-day pass or 31-day pass.  Then you will be asked to activate it.
  • Generally fares run from $1.25 for a single ride to 31-day passes for $45, though there are discounts for those 65 and over and students.  Children 5 and under ride for free.
  • When you are ready to ride, board the train with your activated pass.  Keep that pass handy because light-rail passengers are subject to fare inspection at any time and you must present an activated pass or one-day receipt upon request.
  • Fare inspectors will regularly patrol the system and will ask passengers at random to produce a valid transit pass. Violators are subject to fines ranging from $50 to $500.

How much it will cost?  Light rail will be free from opening day, Dec. 27, until midnight Dec. 31.  Otherwise, these are the fares:

  • Adults: 1-ride, $1.25; 1-day-pass, $2.50; 3-day pass, $7.50; 7-day pass, $17.50; 31-day pass, $45.
  • Seniors 65 and older and youths 6-18: 1-ride, 60 cents; 1-day pass, $1.25; 3-day pass, $3.75, 7-day pass $8.75; 31-day pass, $22.50.
  • Children 5 and under ride free.
  • Arizona State University students can ride for free if they apply for a rail pass.  Many businesses, including ASU and major companies, offer discounts just as they do for those riding the bus.

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