Businesses, groups can advertise to ASU downtown Phoenix students, staff

[Source: Eric Gudino, Community Relations, Arizona State University] — For businesses and non-profit organizations wishing to communicate their products, services, or events to ASU downtown Phoenix students, faculty, and staff, here’s the process by which to do so.

use-it-hereIn order for the information to be circulated throughout the campus, the organization/business must have an affiliation with ASU.  It’s an easy, painless, and free process.  To tap into the ASU community, organizations/businesses need to enroll in the “Use It Here” program.

The program offers ASU students, faculty, and staff some type of deal, i.e. a free soda with the purchase of a sandwich, 10% – 20% off, the offer is entirely up to the business.  In exchange, the businesses receive access to internal marketing channels (at no cost) that are otherwise not available or have a fee.  The channels include distribution to students living in the Taylor Place residence hall.

All the students, faculty, and staff have to do to receive their special offer is show their ASU I.D. (Sun Card) at the point of purchase.  The offer can change at anytime — no coupons, no extra costs.  All that is needed is the promotional offer, a jpg copy of the organization’s logo and the establishment’s information in a jpg/gif (ratio of 640 x 480; 72 dpi).  For more information or to participate in the program, e-mail your information to Steven Harper, Director of Marketing & Communications for ASU’s downtown Phoenix and Tempe campuses.

Businesses may also sign up to participate in ASU’s Sun Dollar program.  It’s a pre-paid service with an account that runs through the ASU Sun Card Office.  It’s similar to a debit card.  Money is put into the account and when checking out at a store, or paying for a meal, the Sun Card is presented to any of the participating merchants.  For details, click here.

The campus website is also being revamped to include a more robust community event calendar.

For more information or if you have questions, contact Steven at 602-496-1038 or e-mail.

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