Some ASU students fear lack of campus vibe in downtown Phoenix

[Source: Kelly McGrath, Arizona Republic] — Not everybody is thrilled about Arizona State University’s push to expand its downtown Phoenix campus.  Some students are unhappy about leaving the Tempe campus. The main complaint: There is no college atmosphere in downtown Phoenix.  ASU’s College of Public Programs, University College and College of Nursing and Healthcare Innovation have moved downtown.  The Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication joined them last month.  “How will students be able to get involved on campus with things such as Greek life when they are located 20 miles away on the downtown campus?” recent ASU graduate Katie Gardiner asked.

Nursing school officials say the move has had a positive effect on the college’s facilities and learning environment.  “The facilities are larger than we had on the Tempe campus, and we have room for expansion,” said Terry Olbrysh, director of marketing and communication for the nursing school.  The college broke ground this summer for its second building, which will have classrooms and allow students a central gathering point, Olbrysh added.

Nursing student Julie Reen agrees that new buildings and technology are helpful, but she has concerns.  “The downtown campus does not have a college atmosphere at all,” she said.  Reen began her commute to Phoenix last school year and will continue to travel there until she graduates in two years.  She said that when she applied, ASU told her she would have to move downtown by her junior year.  “If I was told I would have to go downtown my freshman year, I would have chosen a different college because I feel that it is important to have the college-campus atmosphere for a while,” Reen said.  [Note: To read the full article, click here.]

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