DVC Statement on Human Services Campus Permit Request to Increase Shelter Beds

The employees and volunteers of the Human Services Campus and constituent organizations serve the growing number of people experiencing homelessness in our community each and every day. They deserve our support. The residents and businesses surrounding the campus impacted by the increased numbers deserve our support as well. Over the past year, and especially the last three months, the Downtown Voices Coalition Steering Committee has met with HSC and neighborhood leaders to discuss the campus overall and the permit request to the City of Phoenix to increase shelter beds. Numerous other meetings have been held through the city process, in community settings, and with organizations such as the Phoenix Community Alliance.

Dialogue is a good thing, but it’s also important to understand how we’ve gotten to this point after years of neglect and band-aid quick fixes. It’s time for municipal, county, and state officials to work together in partnership with campus leadership and local stakeholders to solve the immediate needs that everyone agrees need to be resolved. It’s time to create an improvement district in the East Capitol Mall area to maintain and improve the area as a welcoming place for all. It’s time for all Valley cities to contribute their fair share to a regional issue.

Our letter elaborates…

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