Downtown Voices October Meeting, Oct. 11

20120322 PHX_0104 757-2B7 N941UW US Airways right side take-off lTime once again for Downtown Voices Coalition’s monthly Steering Committee Meeting. Please join us on Saturday, October 11, starting at 9:30 a.m. at the Roosevelt Commons Clubhouse, 825 N. 6th Avenue.

Prior to attending Saturday’s meeting, make sure you review and provide your personal opinions/ideas on the various DRAFT urban development related plans now percolating through various city departments and commissions: 

Now take a peek at Saturday’s agenda. New items are highlighted in red. Any and all short & sweet updates on the agenda items are welcome (as is more detailed discussion if necessary). The “other” bullet points allow for new/other/just-came-up items under each section to be discussed. 

Welcome & Introductions

  • Guest Speakers: Containers on Grand, Brian Stark (architect/builder) and Kathleen Santin

DVC Business

  • Review/Approval of Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • 10th Anniversary Celebration
  • Other

Community/Neighborhood Updates

  • Airport Flight Pattern Changes, various downtown neighborhoods
  • Downtown Phoenix, Inc.
  • Fairview Place/State Fairgrounds
  • Grand Avenue/GAMA
  • Hance Park/Hance Park Conservancy
  • Roosevelt Row/Evans Churchill
  • Other

Development Updates

  • 2nd St. & Portland RFP 
  • Ballpark Apartments, Warehouse District
  • Central Station RFP
  • Convention Center/Matador RFP
  • Lennar “Muse” Development, Central & McDowell
  • Knipe House/2nd St. RFP
  • Reinvent Phoenix
  • Other

Transportation/Streetscape Updates

  • Garfield Neighborhood trees (Solid Waste Dept. requirements)
  • Hanny’s tree removal
  • Downtown Phoenix Comprehensive Transportation Plan
  • GRID Bike Share
  • Roosevelt Streetscape Project
  • Other

New/Other Business


At any time you’re welcome to check out our Downtown Phoenix Community Calendar, online at If you know of events to add to the calendar, please send the information to

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday for a great morning of discussion, conversation, and action.

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