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Downtown Voices October Meeting, Oct. 11

20120322 PHX_0104 757-2B7 N941UW US Airways right side take-off lTime once again for Downtown Voices Coalition’s monthly Steering Committee Meeting. Please join us on Saturday, October 11, starting at 9:30 a.m. at the Roosevelt Commons Clubhouse, 825 N. 6th Avenue.

Prior to attending Saturday’s meeting, make sure you review and provide your personal opinions/ideas on the various DRAFT urban development related plans now percolating through various city departments and commissions: 

Now take a peek at Saturday’s agenda. New items are highlighted in red. Any and all short & sweet updates on the agenda items are welcome (as is more detailed discussion if necessary). The “other” bullet points allow for new/other/just-came-up items under each section to be discussed. 

Welcome & Introductions

  • Guest Speakers: Containers on Grand, Brian Stark (architect/builder) and Kathleen Santin

DVC Business

  • Review/Approval of Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • 10th Anniversary Celebration
  • Other

Community/Neighborhood Updates

  • Airport Flight Pattern Changes, various downtown neighborhoods
  • Downtown Phoenix, Inc.
  • Fairview Place/State Fairgrounds
  • Grand Avenue/GAMA
  • Hance Park/Hance Park Conservancy
  • Roosevelt Row/Evans Churchill
  • Other

Development Updates

  • 2nd St. & Portland RFP 
  • Ballpark Apartments, Warehouse District
  • Central Station RFP
  • Convention Center/Matador RFP
  • Lennar “Muse” Development, Central & McDowell
  • Knipe House/2nd St. RFP
  • Reinvent Phoenix
  • Other

Transportation/Streetscape Updates

  • Garfield Neighborhood trees (Solid Waste Dept. requirements)
  • Hanny’s tree removal
  • Downtown Phoenix Comprehensive Transportation Plan
  • GRID Bike Share
  • Roosevelt Streetscape Project
  • Other

New/Other Business


At any time you’re welcome to check out our Downtown Phoenix Community Calendar, online at downtownvoices.org/calendar. If you know of events to add to the calendar, please send the information to dvc@downtownvoices.org

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday for a great morning of discussion, conversation, and action.