Grand Avenue Festival unveils logo for 4th annual event, Oct. 20

[Source: Grand Avenue Arts & Small Business District] – The winning logo for the 4th Annual Grand Avenue Festival, October 20, 2012, has been unveiled. A number of fantastic submissions were submitted, but in the end the unique logo submitted by Abraham Reyes was selected by the logo committee.

Reyes shared that his “inspiration behind the logo was conceived from the hybrid of eclectic and mid-century influences that encompass the lower Grand Avenue neighborhood in Phoenix, using a combination of various elements.” He included his vision for the logo was intended to “to emulate the playful character the festival has as well as it´s creative spirit.”

The winning design will be featured on all promotional materials including; festival brochures, posters and a variety of community advertisements. For festival developments and updates, be sure to connect on Facebook or website.

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