Cactus “Art” Statues Coming to Downtown Phoenix for MLB All-Star Game

[Source: Claire Lawton, PNT’s Jackalope Ranch]

In late May, you might spot a few painted, logo-plastered cactus statues in popular spots around Downtown.

Major League Baseball representatives say 10, 7-foot-tall, 700-pound statues will be placed in Phoenix as part of the celebrations for the All-Star Game at Chase Field on July 12.

Think Cow Parade (the international public art campaign with artist-painted cows in various cities) but less arty, and more corporate.

The statues, designed by licensee Forever Collectibles, will feature logos and graphics of each of the 30 MLB teams and important moments in Arizona Diamondback history. (Quick note to MLB: probably better not to use “erected across downtown Phoenix” when talking about cactus art.)

Miniatures will be on sale at the MLB All-Star FanFest, at the Phoenix Convention Center from July 8 through 12.
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