DVC Minutes for February 12, 2011

Meeting held at Roosevelt Commons, 825 N. 6th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85003

Attending: Kim Kasper, Tim Sprague, Louisa Stark, Elise Griffin, John Saccoman, Steve Weiss, Margaret Dietrich, Jim McPherson, Reid Butler, Susan Copeland, , John Maurin, Adrianna Gruber, Jim Gruber, Tim Eigo, Roger Brevort, Erick Baer, Carol Poore, Beatrice Moore, Paul Barnes, Bill Scheel.

9:50 AM
Introductions and approval of 1/8/11 minutes:

Motion to approve Tim Sprague, Second Louisa Stark, voice vote carried unanimously.

9:51 AM

  • Couple of groups already working on it.
  • Paul Barnes-Citizens for Greater Phoenix wants to sponsor one. 4 major candidates will not want to go to small, poorly attended debates.
  • Erick Baer-Debates should be multiple debates, not just one-South Phoenix should have one.
  • Beatrice-Debate should be open, with complete citizen input, asking questions.
  • Reid-Like the idea of downtown-centric.
  • Susan-Half questions structured, half open forum?
  • Erick-Faced with questions, how do they perform?
  • Tim Sprague-Great opportunity to “market” DVC by staging downtown-centric debate.
  • Margaret Dietrich-Citizens for Greater PHX will have candidates voting records on their website.
  • Suggestions continued-Jon Talton as moderator? Venues discussed-Methodist Church, Central and Palm Lane, ASU Downtown, old Phoenix Prep Academy-look into inviting downtown neighborhood organizations.
  • Filing deadline June 1st, so best dates in May or June-
  • Possibilities-Go it alone w/neighborhood groups/Go w/Citizens for Greater PHX/Go with Downtown Phoenix Journal & Phoenix Community Alliance/some combination of these/combo of DVC + neighborhood groups+Citizens for Greater PHX.

Motion-Reid Butler-establish subcommittee to evaluate options for mayoral debate. 2nd Tim Sprague, motion carries unanimously on voice vote, subcommittee members-Margaret Dietrich, Susan Copeland, Tim Eigo, Tim Sprague, Reid Butler, Steve Weiss.

Treasurer’s Report-Beatrice Moore

  • Accountant looked into tax prep 2008, 2009 filed, 2010 still needs to be done-$150. for each.
  • Recommends we pay accountant and that we consolidate accounts. Discussion followed.

Motion-Reid Butler-Get compliance, spend $450. to get it done, 2nd Erick Baer, motion carries unanimously on voice vote.

10:30 AM
Park Survey

  • Reid-should there be a big discussion of all parks or just Deck Park? Reid is to invite Park Dept. Karen Williams to April meeting.

10:39 AM
After-effects of DVC response in Republic to DPP 20-year self-congratulatory editorial

  • Bill Scheel-City Hall saw it, and DVC got the totality-good to have beyond D.P.P. position.
  • Susan-was invited to D.P.P. conversation by Dan Klocke about 10 year plan.

10:45 AM
Metro West Light Rail Alignment

  • John Maurin has gotten 130 signatures of those opposed to the Jefferson alignment.
  • Bill Scheel-possible conflicts between General Plan and direction of current alignment.
  • Reid-If 19th Ave can’t work, can Van Buren work? Staff says no.
  • Discussion followed re: benefits of 19th Ave alignment, history of middle class white color African-African families who originally built houses-Victorian era.
  • John Maurin-MAG sys 56 properties need to be bought; he’s only counted 20. MAG would rather ruin whole block of houses versus 4 houses in University/Oakland area.

Motion Tim Sprague-For DVC to write letter of support for St.  Matthews Neighborhood, oppose Jefferson alignment and reconsider the 19th Avenue alignment proposal. Seconded by Louisa Stark, motion carried by voice vote.

Susan Copeland will write letter with help from Louisa.

Discussion of Building Community Cinema-Reid and Steve

  • Goal is to reenergize and reach out from DVC, discuss DVC issues in context of film series, films will be programmed around community building issues and in various local spaces, first show projected for last Thursday in March(going to happen now in April).

11:27 AM
Trash Cans in Historic Neighborhoods

  • City wants to close alleys and have folks take cans to front. At hearing for idea, 100 people showed up in opposition. Police say alleyway is crime issue, but abandoning alleys will create new issues, especially homeless issues.

Motion to adjourn-Kim Kasper, second Steve Weiss…voice vote, carried unanimously.


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