Daily Archives: February 14, 2011

Reminder: Greg Stanton to Hold Town Hall this Wednesday

NOTE: The Downtown Voices Coalition (DVC) does not endorse any candidates, and invites all candidates to submit information on any town hall question and answer event in which they participate.

What is important is that voters be informed, AND VOTE.


Quebedeax Chevrolet/Paper Heart on Grand Ave is for Sale

[Source: pixelpixie, ModernPhoenix.net]

Somebody PLEEEEASE give the Paper Heart / Quebedeaux Chevrolet another life!

She is up for sale again. MLS listing here: http://bit.ly/hnCPnq

Designed by the “Father of the Outdoor Shopping Mall” Victor Gruen with local supervising Architect Ralph Haver. This was originally a car showroom with floor to ceiling glass and is now boarded up in the heart of the Grand Avenue arts district. Similar to the Toy Box on Indian School Road if you’re familiar with that vintage showroom.