Mayoral Candidate Greg Stanton to Hold Town Hall on Feb. 16

NOTE: The Downtown Voices Coalition (DVC) does not endorse any candidates, and invites all candidates to submit information on any town hall question and answer event in which they participate.

What is important is that voters be informed, AND VOTE.


[Source: Paul Barnes, Neighborhood Coalition of Greater Phoenix]

Take Back Your City

Many I have talked to feel that Phoenix needs changing and that Neighborhoods, Businesses and Citizens all over the city are being harmed by present policies and direction.

This August, we will be electing a new Mayor.  Greg Stanton is one of the candidates.  As indicated in the flyer forwarded herewith, Stanton will be holding a town hall style meeting on Wednesday, February 16th from 5:30 – 7:30 pm.  It will be held at the Biltmore Church of the Nazarene located at 5604 N. 24th Street, Phoenix, 85016.  This event is NOT a fundraiser or just a meet and greet.  It is an opportunity for you to ask the hard questions on the issues that matter to you and hear the vision for the City of a candidate who could be our next Mayor.  As other candidates may schedule similar town hall meetings, we shall endeavor to so inform you.

Please plan on attending on Wednesday, February 16th.  Even if you don’t ask a single question and just listen to others and watching Stanton interact with the crowd, you will have a better basis for voting than you otherwise would have.

In the last Mayoral/Council election only 11% of the city’s voters chose our Mayor and Council persons in the odd numbered districts.  This is a pathetic turnout in any city, never mind in a city the size of Phoenix.  Don’t let 11% of the voters, many driven by special interest groups – decide who your next Mayor will be.  Attend candidate town hall meetings when they are scheduled and then show up to vote.

Let’s take charge of the future of Phoenix.

Thank you,

Paul Barnes

Neighborhood Coalition of Greater Phoenix, 602-840-1579

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