Planning a Downtown Phoenix Wedding?

Then check out this guide by our friends at the Downtown Phoenix Journal:

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Bentley Projects

Going to the chapel and we’re going to get married…

Well, maybe not the chapel; it’s actually a warehouse in Downtown Phoenix, but that works, too! Nowadays the traditional church wedding followed by a reception seems to be a thing of the past. The all-in-one ceremony/reception is becoming increasingly popular, and Downtown Phoenix is clearly adding its own twist with locations certain to set your big day apart from anything else you’ll find in the Valley.

With venues like the IcehousemonOrchid and Bentley Projects, couples looking to add an urban-chic spin on their ceremony are finding what they want in the city core.

“We are anything but generic,” says Riëtte Pretorius, a private event coordinator in Downtown Phoenix. “I have had quite a few people in the industry actually choose my venues because they are looking for something different and unique.”

While these venues are located within close proximity to one another and offer similar event options, they all provide a different atmosphere.

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