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Introducing the Downtown Phoenix Cafeterias Project

[Source: Amy Silverman, Phoenix New Times Chow Bella]

Facebook fan photo

Edward Jensen is on a one-man quest to review every cafeteria in downtown Phoenix. Through his Downtown Phoenix Cafeterias Project — which you can follow on Facebook [and Twitter – ed.]– he intends to eat off a tray til he can tell us for certain which cafeterias in town serve up the best (and worst?) chow.

We’ll admit that when we think “cafeteria” we have unsettling flashbacks to a. elementary school and b. too much television coverage of a slaughter at a certain Luby’s, a couple decades back. But hey, different strokes and all that. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of information he forks over.

Jensen is a senior in the Urban & Metropolitan Studies program on the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus. “I’m not a self-described ‘foodie’ but I know what I like when it comes to food and I’m sure that there are others that have similar tastes,” he says.

He’s already got a good number of followers on Facebook, one of whom posted the image above, from a long-ago downtown cafeteria.

In the interest of “scientific experiment” — and mainly because we couldn’t think of more than a handful of public cafeterias in what’s typically considered “downtown,” we had a couple questions for Jensen.

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