Anti-SB1070 graffiti in downtown Phoenix

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Source: Newspaper Enterprise Assn.

PHOENIX – Arizona’s border battle is leaving its mark on downtown Phoenix, but not in a good way.

“Usually people, when they see graffiti, they think of crime or a run down area,” said Manager of Alta Phoenix Lofts Chiara Elie.

Within the last week, downtown Phoenix has become a spot for anti SB 1070 tagging, which has residents in Alta Phoenix Lofts upset.

“What’s terrible is that we’re really trying to bring up this community, not just this property but the neighboring businesses and the last thing we need is graffiti,” said Elie.

The messages are showing up on everything from stop signs to a mural on the side of a building.

Within a few blocks there are eight different anti-SB1070 messages.

“Around the area we have seen a few things that we would not want to see here,” said Elie.

The City of Phoenix says they take the graffiti problem seriously and they’ll clean it up if they can.

“I think people want to fight for what they believe in, but I feel that’s just not the way to do it,” said Elie.

No matter the message, political or not, it’s a crime, and the city will prosecute.

“They can do it another way, to get their point across versus messing up our area,” said Elie.

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