Channel 12 could move to Republic’s downtown Phoenix building

[Source: Arizona Republic] — Gannett Co., Inc. parent company of The Arizona Republic and Channel 12, may move the television station into the Republic’s downtown Phoenix mid-rise.   Under the plan, the ground floor of the Republic’s offices at 200 E. Van Buren would be reconfigured so that visitors walking in downtown Phoenix would be able to see KPNX’s studios.

The plans are just preliminary, said John Zidich publisher of The Arizona Republic.  Gannett is working on a feasibility study to determine if the move makes financial and logistical sense, he said.  “We think there are great synergies for both of our platforms,” Zidich said.  “We also think that it could be a really exciting, new draw to downtown as we position the studios so that the outside world can see inside.”

Another reason the media company is probably considering the move: both the TV and newspaper staffs are smaller.  At its peak, KPNX had 190 employees, now there are 160, according to the general manager.  Layoffs and downsizing have also shrunk the newspaper’s staff.

Zidich didn’t specify how much The Arizona Republic’s staffing has changed at its Van Buren building, saying the possible move isn’t motivated by efficiency.  “The reason to do this is strategic,” Zidich said.  “Having available space makes it easier but is not a reason.”

The news involves two key pieces of downtown Phoenix real estate. KPNX occupies two buildings at 1101 N. Central Ave., a key intersection along the Central Avenue corridor.   “It’s attractive in the sense that it is on the northern border or downtown, directly on the light rail,” said John Misner, president and general manager of Channel 12.  “It’s next to the (Hance) park, it’s not too far away from ASU’s downtown campus. You have good access to the I-10.”  [Note: To read the full article, visit Channel 12 could move to Republic’s downtown Phoenix building.]

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