Daily Archives: February 11, 2010

Citizens for Phoenix coalition offers proposal to deal with city budget crisis

In early February, the Phoenix City Manager proposed $140 million in budget cuts to the Mayor and City Council.  In response, a nascent coalition of neighborhood groups and non-profit organizations began meeting to research and draft their own budget proposal to maintain public safety while preserving essential services that Phoenix residents require for a reasonable quality of life.  Here two representatives of the Citizens for Phoenix coalition, Paul Barnes and Ann Malone, offer their views to City Council on February 11.  Councilman Michael Johnson offers his impressions of the coalition’s effort to date.

Paul Barnes of the Neighborhood Coalition of Greater Phoenix, explains the unifying philosophy of Citizens for Phoenix in dealing with the current budget crisis in Phoenix.

Ann Malone, president of Require the Prior, speaks to the Phoenix City Council about the proposed food tax, the importance of public safety, and the need to maintain city services for the vulnerable in our community.

Phoenix Councilman Michael Johnson expresses his thanks to and support of the Citizens for Phoenix coalition.