Daily Archives: February 13, 2010

Capitol Mall’s Mining & Mineral Museum to get makeover

Governor Jan Brewer announced that in celebration of Arizona’s 100th anniversary of statehood, an Arizona Centennial Museum will be created.   In a ceremony at the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum in the Capitol Mall area of downtown Phoenix, the governor presented her vision and plans that will be instituted over the course of the next two years to transform the museum into the Arizona Centennial Museum.  The museum’s exhibits will be devoted to showcasing Arizona’s economic growth and industrial development. 

“This new Centennial Museum will be a vibrant, interactive facility, offering state-of-the-art technology and exhibits unlike any in Arizona,” said Governor Brewer. “This facility will feature educational profiles of each industry, showcasing the rich heritage of Arizona’s economy and providing a vision of its brilliant future.”  [Note: Read the full article at Capitol Mall’s Mining & Mineral Museum to get makeover.]

One cyclist’s work route into downtown Phoenix

Bodybait’s bicycle commute to downtown Phoenix starting at 12th Street and Palm Lane in the Coronado historic district.

Downtown Phoenix Partnership to install way-finding signs

[Source: Lynn Ducey, Phoenix Business Journal] — This spring, Downtown Phoenix Partnership will begin installation of its $800,000 way-finding project to identify key sites and attractions for downtown visitors.  The signs are being funded through a 2006 voter-approved capital bond earmarked for improving downtown.  SmithCraft of Phoenix is doing the work.   “Our big focus is on downtown aesthetics.  This is a way for everyone to be able to easily find and walk to cultural sites,” said David Roderique, president and CEO of the partnership.

City leaders also are working on a proposal to address the hordes of newspaper boxes throughout downtown.  Not all are maintained.

La Grande Orange founder opening spot in downtown Phoenix

[Source: Howard Seftel, Arizona Republic] — The downtown Phoenix restaurant scene has been speeding down the runway for the past couple of years.  Now, it looks like it may achieve lift-off.  Bob Lynn, founder and president of the wildly successful La Grande Orange restaurant group (LGO Hospitality), has just signed on to open a restaurant at the new CityScape development by the end of 2010.  It will be called LGO Public House, a 3000-square foot gastro pub featuring updated American fare, including dips, salads, fish and burgers.  There will also be a substantial beverage component, with craft beers, California and Oregon wines and cocktails.

Why downtown Phoenix?  Lynn says that, “Phoenix is a world-class city, and I believe in downtown.”  Why CityScape?  Lynn is impressed with its “big vision” and its “great energy and vibe.”  The development, which expects to eventually gather 15 restaurants in its 100,000 square feet of restaurant space, is bordered by First Street and First Avenue, between Washington and Jefferson Streets.  CityScape spokesman Jay Thorne says the development pursued LGO because it fit the “exact profile for a perfect tenant” – “unique and local.”

And why a gastro pub?  Lynn says it’s based on his happy childhood memories of a Chicago pub called Hogans, a place where his whole family would gather.  “A stiff bourbon for Mom, a beer for Dad and food for five kids,” he fondly recalls.

He anticipates a mostly professional and business clientele for lunch at LGO Public House – CityScape has attracted several law firm tenants, and Arizona State University’s downtown campus is just a short walk away.  At dinner, the target demographic is “everyone,” from pre- and post-downtown event diners to nearby residents.  (The restaurant plans to stay open until 1 a.m.)  After LGO Public House gets its lunch and dinner act together, Lynn says breakfast will also be part of mix.  [Note: Read the full article at La Grande Orange founder opening spot in downtown Phoenix.]

Eight/KAET-TV moves to downtown Phoenix

[Source: Arizona State University] — Another major step was taken in the partnership between ASU and the City of Phoenix with the arrival of Eight/KAET-TV.  Eight relocated its television signal to the all-new digital media center at Fillmore and Central in downtown Phoenix, after nearly 50 years at the ASU Tempe campus.  The final move in December was a culmination of more than two years of planning, fundraising, equipment acquisitions, installation, and staff training.

The station’s signature public affairs programs “Horizon” and “Horizonte” began broadcasting from the new location last month.  “Horizon” airs at 7 p.m., Monday through Friday and “Horizonte” airs at 7:30 p.m., each Thursday.

“Eight’s beginnings were humble, to say the least,” said Kelly McCullough, Eight’s general manager.  “The first broadcast facility was a trailer on the Tempe campus at Arizona State University.  We are now stewards of a state-of-the-art facility thanks to the support of the City of Phoenix, ASU and the many contributors to the Campaign for Arizona PBS.”

Eight’s content reaches far beyond the television signal.  The award-winning programs chronicle the state’s history, culture, and landmarks, and offer special insight into the diverse communities.  Eight’s public affairs shows encourage civic engagement with discussion and commentary from Arizona lawmakers and business leaders.  And the Eight’s educational outreach projects offer instruction to students and professional development to educators throughout the state.