Phoenix Friday Nights highlights area’s vibrant nightlife

[Source: Clintus, Phoenix MetroBlog] — Phoenix Friday Nights (#pfn) has been going on now since January of 09 and has gained much success over the past few months.  From their “About” page: “Committed to highlighting Phoenix’s vibrant nightlife, focusing on the arts, culture, food, and just plain fun that await in our burgeoning desert metropolis.  Through participation in and partnerships with local businesses, arts organizations, and unique events in downtown Phoenix.”  Both the East and West valley groups do things a bit differently but fun is still a side effect of the evening.

Tyson Crosbie, the one that got it all started, says that he broke off from yet another popular Friday night get together; Phoenix Friday Coffee (#pfc).  “Austin Baker is passionate about coffee and started a Friday after work meetup to visit the local coffee shops.  I started going and loved the community that built up.  I saw that the groups were getting bigger than the venue and attempted to create an additional PFC coffee meetup on Friday.  This caused a lot of tension in the community and a lot of confusion on Friday and so Phoenix Friday Nights was born.  It had a similar call to action: Go out on Friday with friends and have a good time, but a different venue and geography.  It was a place to meetup at local downtown businesses: Restaurants, Bars, Coffee, etc. as a starting point for the night.”

To read the full article, click on Friday Nights in the Valley of the Sun

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