Jackson Street Entertainment District seeks Phoenix City Council support

[Source: KTAR Radio] — The Phoenix City Council was to vote Wednesday on a 12-acre entertainment district near Chase Field in downtown Phoenix.  The Jackson Street Entertainment District would cover an L-shaped property in the city’s warehouse district — on Jackson from First to Fourth Streets and along Fourth Street from Jackson to Lincoln Streets. “The idea is to create a focal point, a walking environment — large sidewalks, outdoor cafes, restaurants, nightclubs,” said attorney Larry Lazarus, who represents the developers.  The project could include up to 1,000 residential units.

The entertainment district, near Chase Field and US Airways Center, has been on the drawing board for a couple of years and Lazarus said now is the time to move forward with plans.  The developers want certain assurances from the city to help attract tenants and financing.  “No money is coming from city funds,” Lazarus said.  “There will be infrastructure changes that will need to be made later on down the road and we will be working on a development agreement with the city of Phoenix.”  He added, “We just believe that, when the recession is over — and it will be over some day — that this will be the focal point for the next big development.”

Although downtown Phoenix has numerous restaurants, Lazarus said, “You don’t see them when you walk out of the convention center and you don’t see them when you walk out of the ball park.  What we want to do is really create what we’ve called the ‘bug light’ — attracting people.”  The project would take five to seven years to complete, but some businesses could open early next year.  [Note: To read the full article, click here.]

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