Friends of Encanto Park seek bids for perimeter fencing

[Source: Susan Dale] — The Friends of Encanto Park are waiting for the last of three bids to come in this week for construction of the new wrought iron fence along the Encanto Golf Course on the north side of Encanto Boulevard and the “Encanto Entrada Portal” (new entry marker) at Eighth Avenue and Encanto Boulevard.

After discussions with City Parks staff members, during the middle of May, it was decided that members of the Friends of Encanto Park put the project out to bid and set a fund-raising target based on the actual cost of implementing the design.  Most of our “Friends” are out of town on vacations right now, so hopefully we will get back with city staff members with our bids towards the end of July.

We understand the City could start designing a Master Plan for the entire Encanto Park renovation this fall. The Friends of Encanto Park are planning to kick off its first of several private fundraisers this fall as well.

The $5 million allocated Phoenix Parks & Preserves Initiative (PPPI) funds will be distributed as follows: FY11/12 – $200,000; FY12/13 – $800,000, and FY13/14 – $4,000,000.

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