LISC Green Development Center offers resources to “go green”

The Galleries at Turney, Arizona's first LEED for Homes Certified project

[Source: Teresa Brice, Local Initiatives Service Corp.] — Your friends at LISC Phoenix want to inform you of resources recently made available by the LISC Green Development Center.  LISC has been hard at work developing tools and documents that we hope you find useful.  Currently available here online are:

  • The Green Screen: A resource intended for you to use in assisting evaluation of greening opportunities of proposed projects, as well as helping you to guide Community Development Corp. partners towards greener projects.  It directs you towards the right questions to be asking at different stages in the development process.
  • Energy Star Qualified Homes Guide: A resource designed to help you and your partner CDCs get their projects on the road to green by meeting ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes standards.  A link to rehab guidelines is also available.  Resource guides are customized to your local office.
  • Sustainability Primers: Documents to familiarize you with sustainability topics, such as deconstruction and geothermal heat pumps.  Have a particular topic your interested in?  Contact us and we’ll add it to our list of primers in the works.
  • Office Greening Guide: Intranet resource to help green local LISC offices.  Let’s practice what we preach!
  • Energy Assistance Programs: A guide to heating assistance programs broken down by state.

Questions, comments, feedback?  Feel free to contact Madeline via e-mail.

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